Two Randy Student Filmed Having Se&* In Public While On Campus. Photos

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Two Asian university students have been filmed getting amorous with each other in broad daylight while on campus. The love birds appeared to get very close to each other up against a large concrete building at University of New South Wales.

Onlookers spied from classrooms above, screaming and laughing at the careless couple’s public display of affection.

Footage of the loved-up affair was uploaded to Live Leak Tuesday, complete with three different angles of the opportunists, described to be Chinese.

The female student appeared to have climbed atop her male acquaintance’s crutch as he sat with his back against the wall with his legs straight out.

One sneaky cameraman crept up a set of stairs towards the pair for a close up, but the duo became shy and shimmied out of view after noticing they had company.

The couple seemed unconcerned by potentially being caught, getting hot and heavy in broad daylight while other students and staff roamed the campus.

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